Road Construction and Closures





Township of Ramara - Road Closure - Sideroad 15 will be closed for maintenance from 9am - 3:00 pm as follows:

April 24th - Concession Road 7 to Concession Road 8

April 25th - Concession Road 8 to Concession Road 9

April 26th - Concession Road 9 to Concession Road 10

April 27th - Concession Road 10 - Ramara Road 46

April 28th - Ramara Road 46 - Concession Road 12

May 1st - Concession Road 12 - Concession Road 13

May 2nd - Concession Road 13 - Monck Road

Residents will have limited access.

Posted 2017-04-24 11:16am


Effective immediately all Township of Ramara roads are on half load restrictions.
Posted 2017-02-23 11:27am

Glenrest Drive Update

Due to the cost of this project, reconstruction completion is being phased over a two-year period. During the third year, a double hi-float (tar and chip) surface will be applied.

 Last update posted 2015-10-26 2:16pm


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