Building Application Forms

 - Building Permit Application

 - Septic Permit Application

 - Application for Water Service

 - Driveway Entrance Application Form
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 - Greenblade 911 Municipal Addressing Application Form

 - Property Owner(s)' Authorization

 - Application for Rural Mail Box Location Permit

 - Commitment to General Review by Architect and Engineer

 - Energy Efficiency Design Summary Form


 Backflow Forms

  - Backflow Certificate of Compliance

  - Backflow Cross Connection Survey

  - Backflow Prevention Testing and Inspection Report

  - Backflow Test Assembly Tag


On-Site Sewage Maintenance Inspection Program


Planning Application Forms

 - Consent (Revised May 2017)

 - Minor Variance (Revised May 2017)

 - Official Plan Amendment (Revised 2017)

 - Pre-Consultation Application

 - Pre-Permit Zoning Approval

 - Renewable Energy Application

 - Residential Site Plan Approval

 - Site Plan Application

 - Zoning Bylaw Amendment (Revised 2017)