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​Short Term Rentals in Ramara

On February 11, 2019, the Township of Ramara implemented an Interim Control Bylaw to prohibit any new short-term rental units in the Township.

The Interim Control Bylaw allows Township staff the time necessary to investigate and update new and existing policies regarding the regulation of short-term rental units.  Regulating short-term rentals came as result of the many complaints of loud parties at all times of the day and night, excessive garbage strewn about and inappropriate behavior in generally quiet neighborhoods.

Currently, the Township is collecting information on short-term rental units that existed on and before February 11, 2019.  Short-term rental units that existed on February 11, 2019 are permitted to continue operating however, you must register with the Township by April 1, 2019.

To register your short-term rental unit please complete and sign the Declaration form and submit it to the Clerk’s Department of the Township of Ramara