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2008 Bylaw List

BYLAW NO.DESCRIPTION  (Green indicates Amended and Red indicates Repealed)DATE
2008.01Borrowing BylawJan. 7/08
2008.03Amend Fence Bylaw 1998.46 (111 Wellington Street - 4348 010 007 48717)Jan. 28/08
2008.04Amend 2005.83 – Employment Provisions Benefits Amenities (REPEALED BY 2012.98)Jan. 28/08
2008.05Procedure Bylaw (Repeals 2007.18 and 2007.76) (AMENDED BY 2011.48) (REPEALED BY 2012.36)Jan. 28/08
2008.06Authorize Submission of Application to the Ontario Infrastructure Projects Corporation ("OIPC")Jan. 28/08
2008.07Code of Conduct for Employees (REPEALED BY 2012.23)Jan. 28/08
2008.08Authorize Land Exchange with 2124915 Ontario Inc. and the Acquisition of EasementsJan. 28/08
2008.09Authorize Release of Easement on Part of S 1/2 Lot 10, Con 4, Designated as Part 2, Plan 51R-6871Jan. 28/08
2008.10Municipal Closed Meeting Investigator Complaint PolicyJan. 28/08
2008.12Requiring Connection to the Brechin Sewer and Water Works and to Regulate their Use
 (AMENDED BY 2009.07, 2009.13, 2009.81)
Mar. 3/08
2008.14Appoint Livestock Valuer (Amends 1996.10)Mar. 31/08
2008.15Set 2008 Water & Sewage Service Rates & Mosquito Control Service RateMar. 31/08
2008.16Authorize Acquisition of Easement for Storm Drainage (McDonell)Mar. 31/08
2008.17Authorize Acquisition of Easement for Motor Vehicle Turning Area on Orkney Beach RoadMar. 31/08
2008.19Amend Building Bylaw 2006.18, as Amended and to Repeal Bylaw 2007.43 (REPEALED BY 2011.21)Apr. 21/08
2008.20Authorize a Joint Use Agreement with the Simcoe County District School Board for the Community Use
 of Facilities for Use Primarily in Recreation Programs
Apr. 21/08
2008.22Provide for the Levy and Payment of Taxes and the Adoption of Tax Rates for 2008May.12/08
2008.23To further amend Bylaw 2005.83 being a bylaw to establish provisions, benefits and amenities
 [Also amends mileage expenses listed in Bylaws 2006.10, 2007.15, and 2007.42] [See also later Bylaw 2008.54 which increases fire admin car allowance to $1000.00] (REPEALED BY 2012.98)
2008.24Establish Salaries and Honorariums and repeal Bylaws 2005.40, 2007.16. 2007.117, 2007.119
 (Amended by 2008.85, 2008.86) (REPEALED BY 2009.88)
2008.25Set Fire Hydrant Service Rates for year 2008May.12/08
2008.27Legal Indemnification Bylaw (AMENDED BY 2011.72)June.9/08
2008.28Authorize a One Third Tax Free Expense Allowance for Council Members [Previous related Bylaw was 2004.12] June.9/08
2008.29Authorize Execution of Agreement with C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd. For Professional Engineering
Consulting Services REPEALED BY 2012.88
2008.30Amend Bylaw 2003.52 Regulate Parking of Vehicles - Ramara Road 47June.9/08
2008.31Authorize Site Plan Agreement for Rosa Meleca, Joe Figliomeni, Joe Meleca, and Angelina IeraciJune.9/08
2008.32Authorize Sale of Part of South Half Lot 10, Con 3, designated as Parts 1 and 2, Plan 51R-20436,
 Parts 1 and 2, Plan 51R-19890 and Part 5, Plan 51R-19203 (Shane)
2008.33Adopt Amendment No.12 to the Official PlanJune.9/08
2008.34Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85June.9/08
2008.35Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 and 2006.75 (Fowler Construction Ltd.) (Repeals 2007.72)June.9/08
2008.36Imposing special annual drainage rates upon land in respect of which money is borrowed under the
Tile Drainage Act
2008.37Authorize Execution of a Pre-servicing agreement between Ramara and 2114568 Ontario Ltd. as relating to Lakepoint Villages DevelopmentJune.9/08
2008.39Authorize Borrowing upon amortizing debentures towards the cost of certain capital worksJuly.7/08
2008.40Impose Sewer Rates to Recover the Capital Cost of Installing Sewer Services that Benefit the Brechin
Service Area (Amended by 2008.46, 2009.14, 2009.32)
2008.41Authorize Execution of agreement with Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities regarding improvements to CN Crossings at Concession 3 and Concession 7 - Mile 71.50 & 74.95July.7/08
2008.42Appoint Leanne Marshall as Secretary-Treasurer to Lagoon City Parks and Waterways Commission (REPEALED BY 2017.73)July.7/08
2008.43Bylaw to Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 (Map K6 - Regarding 3728 Highway 12 being rezoned from Agriculture (AG) to Agriculture (AG-2-T)July.7/08
2008.45Authorize Execution of agreement with Brock Township for Mutual Fire Protection (REPEALED BY 2014.52)July.28/08
2008.46Amend Bylaw 2008.40 to Impose Sewer Rates to Recover the Capital Cost of Installing Sewer Services
that Benefit the Brechin Service Area
2008.47Authorize Lease Agreement to Lease Unit#1 of the Mara Medical Centre (Dr. Longford)July.28/08
2008.48Authorize the Acquisition of an Easement for Sub-surface Sanitary Sewer and Water Mains and Services
(Brechin Elementary School)
2008.49Agreement with James L. Newlands for Bylaw Enforcement ServicesJuly.28/08
2008.50Agreement with Allen and Diana Robinson for Canine Control ServicesJuly.28/08
2008.51Bylaw to Close Part of O'Neill Street (Amended by 2011.38)July.28/08
2008.52Appoint Drainage Engineer (McNaulty) with Respect to the Caster Drain PetitionJuly.28/08
2008.53Appoint Property Standards Officer for Ramara (Newlands) (Repeals 2002.24) (REPEALED BY 2008.57)July.28/08
2008.54Amend 2005.83 to Establish Provisions, Benefits and Amenities [increase Fire Services
 Administrator/Fire PreventionOfficer monthly car allowance to $1,000.00] [See also earlier Bylaw 2008.23 which set car allowance of Fire Chief to $628.00 and Fire Admin to $785.00] (REPEALED BY 2012.98)
2008.56Authorize Execution of Consent agreement with Highland Mills Development Inc.Aug.18/08
2008.57Appoint Property Standards Officer for Ramara (Newlands) (Repeals 2008.53)Aug.18/08
2008.59Appoint Building Inspector (Bullick)Sep.15/08
2008.60Authorize Lease Agreement to Lease Unit#3B of the Mara Medical Centre (Sarah Cowley - Cornerstone Clinic)Sep.15/08
2008.61Authorize Temporary use Agreement (Garden Suite - Cameron)Sep.15/08
2008.62Authorize Lease Agreement to Lease Unit#2 of the Mara Medical Centre (Talbot Creek Community Church)Sep.15/08
2008.63Tariff of Fees for Processing of Planning Applications (Repeals 2004.22, 2005.27, 2007.39)
(Amended by 2010.23, 2013.27, 2017.46, 2017.65)
2008.65Authorize Acquisition of an Easement for Storm Drainage (Carnes - 15 Patricia Drive)Oct.6/08
2008.66Authorize Execution of Agreement between Township of Ramara, County of Simcoe and VIIM CorporationOct.6/08
2008.68Amend Canine Control Bylaw 2005.76Nov.3/08
2008.69Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 (James Dick Construction Limited)Nov.3/08
2008.70Authorize Execution of Agreement with Carden Snow Drifters Snowmobile Club for the Construction
and Maintenance of a Trail on an Unopened Road Allowance (Amended by 2011.07)
2008.71Appoint a Municipal Clerk (Janice McKinnon) (Amends 1996.44) (REPEALED BY 2015.16)Nov.3/08
2008.72Amend Bylaw 2004.38 (Long Grass) being a Bylaw to Require and Regulate the Cleaning and Clearing
of any Grounds, Yards and Vacant Lots (REPEALED by 2012. 34)
2008.74Authorize Borrowing upon amortizing debentures towards the cost of certain capital worksNov.24/08
2008.75Authorize Site Plan Agreement (Total Recreation)Nov.24/08
2008.76Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2005.110 (Dog Tags) (Amended by 2010.54) (REPEALED BY 2017.47)Nov.24/08
2008.77Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2007.38 (Green Bins) (REPEALED BY 2012.97)Nov.24/08
2008.78Appoint Acting Clerk (Richard P. Bates) (REPEALED BY 2013.42)Nov.24/08
2008.80Delegate Duties Granted to the Head, Pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), to the Clerk (Repeals 1994.15, 1997.103)
2008.81Authorize Acquisition of an Easement to Provide a Motor Vehicle Turning Area on Ogden Street (Richards/Hutz)Dec.15/08
2008.82Provide for the Levy and Payment of Taxes (2009 Interim Tax Rates)Dec.15/08
2008.83Authorize Execution of an Agreement between Ramara and Canadian National Railway Company
- Mile 71.50 Crossing - Concession 3
2008.84Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 (Regarding Schedule A, Zone Map N7 - rezone "Active Recreation" (AR)
to "Village Residential" (VR))
2008.85Establish Salaries and Honorariums (Staff) (Amends 2008.24) (REPEALED by 2009.87)Dec.15/08
2008.86Establish Salaries and Honorariums (Council) (Amends 2008.24) (REPEALED by 2009.88)Dec.15/08
2008.87Authorize Lease Agreement to Lease Unit #4 of Mara Medical Centre (Ramara Public Library Board)Dec.15/08


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