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​2011 Bylaw List


BYLAW NO.BILL NO.DESCRIPTION   (Green indicates Amended and Pink/Red indicates Repealed)DATE
2011.012011.01Authorize Execution of Agreement with John Carrick for Construction of Turning "T" (Pearl Carrick Road and Concession Road D-EJan.17/2011
2011.022011.02Authorize Borrowing of Money to Meet Current Council ExpendituresJan.17/2011
2011.032011.03Provide for Levy and Payment of TaxesJan.17/2011
2011.042011.04Authorize Execution of Agreement with C.C. Tatham & 1095274 Ontario Inc. and Rideout Enterprises for Lagoon City Shorewall
2011.052011.05Code of Conduct for Council (Repeals 2009.60) (REPEALED BY 2011.81)Jan.17/2011
2011.062011.06Code of Conduct for Boards & Committees (REPEALED BY 2011.81)Jan.17/2011
2011.072011.07Amend Agreement with Carden Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club (Amends 2008.70)Jan.17/2011
2011.082011.08Constitute a Committee of Adjustment (Repeals 2006.88)Jan.17/2011
2011.092011.09Authorize Execution of Agreement with James L. Newlands for Bylaw Enforcement ServicesJan.17/2011
2011.112011.11Authorize Encroachment on Drainage Easement over part of Lot 159 Plan 934 - BedrossianFeb.07/2011
2011.122011.12Imposing Special Annual Drainage Rates upon land in respect of which money is borrowed under Tile Drainage Act
(REPEALED BY 2011.19)
2011.132011.14Adopt Emergency Management Program - Amend Bylaw 2007.112 and Repeal Bylaw 2010.102 Feb.07/2011
2011.142011.15Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - Map J3 - Amend zoning from NAP to VRFeb.07/2011
2011.152011.16Authorize Execution of Tax Arrears Extension Agreement (Farrell)Feb.07/2011
2011.172011.13Authorize One Third Tax Free Expense Allowance for Council MembersMar.14/2011
2011.182011.17Authorize Execution of Agreement for Anderson Avenue Sanitary Sewage Force Line (Jose Santos & Maria Sousa)Mar.14/2011
2011.192011.18Imposing Special Annual Drainage Rates upon land in respect of which money is borrowed under Tile Drainage Act
(Repeals 2011.12)
2011.202011.19Authorize Participation in Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program with County of Simcoe Paramedic Services
2011.212011.20Building Bylaw and Fee Schedules [Building Permit Fees] (Repeals 2006.18, 2007.60, 2008.19, 2010.60)
(AMENDED BY 2013.32)
2011.222011.21Authorize Boundary Road Agreement with City of Kawartha Lakes (Repeals 2000.45) (REPEALED BY 2011.75)Mar.14/2011
2011.232011.22Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - 4233, 4253, 4269 Concession Road 11 - Map I2 remove Holding symbol H from VR zoneMar.14/2011
2011.242011.23Authorize Execution of Funding Agreement with Ministry of Human Resources for Accessibility Project
(Brechin Community Centre Park building)
2011.252011.24Authorize Execution of Agreement with M E Audio & Visual Services for Audio / Visual SystemMar.14/2011
2011.262011.25Authorize Execution of Amending Agreement with OMAFRA for BCF - Building Canada Fund - Communities Component
- Intake 2 (Sideroad 15 and Concession B)
2011.272011.26Authorize Execution of Amending Agreement with OMAFRA for Infrastructure Stimulus Funds for Installation of Water MetersMar.14/2011
2011.282011.27Authorize Execution of Amending Agreement with OMAFRA for Infrastructure Stimulus Funding for Firehall #2, Atherley
(Expansion and Renovation)
2011.302011.28Borrowing Bylaw - Raise money in aid of Construction of Drainage WorksApr.04/2011
2011.312011.29Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ramara Youth Soccer Club for Use and Maintenance of Ramara Centre Soccer FieldsApr.04/2011
2011.322011.30Designate a "Site Plan Control Area" for Ramara (Repeals 2003.78, 2003.85) (REPEALED BY 2019.32)Apr.04/2011
2011.332011.31Regulate Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances (Amended by 2013.41)Apr.04/2011
2011.362011.32Authorize Execution of Second License Amending Agreement with Bell Mobility Inc. for Use of Equipment re Fire and Roads
2011.372011.33Amend Fees & Charges Bylaw 2007.38 - Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances (REPEALED BY 2012.97)May.02/2011
2011.382011.34Amend Title of Bylaw 2008.51 to confirm Closure of Lane North of O'Neill Street, Plan 132May.02/2011
2011.392011.35Authorize Sale of Land on O'Neill Street, Brechin - Part Lots 26, 27, 28 and 29May.02/2011
2011.402011.36Set Water and Sewage Service Rates for the Year 2011 (AMENDED BY 2011.44)May.02/2011
2011.422011.37Authorize Site Plan Agreement - 7152736 Canada   Ltd. - 7102 McMillan SideroadMay.30/2011
2011.432011.38Authorize Execution of Agreement for Encroachment on Township Property - 6320 Bluebird Street - Part Block C (MacDougall)May.30/2011
2011.442011.39Set Water and Sewage Service Rates for the Year 2011 - Amends Section 1 and 2 of Bylaw 2011.40 - Hose BibsMay.30/2011
2011.462011.40Establish a Parking Area for Parents with Small Children (Poplar Crescent) [REPEALED BY 2018.23]
2011.472011.41Authorize Site Plan Agreement - James Mahoney and Mary Anne Mahoney (3500 Amilia Drive)June20/2011
2011.482011.42Govern the Calling, Place and Proceedings of Meetings (Amend Procedure Bylaw 2008.05 - Repeal and replace
Section 24.1.1 - Deputations) (REPEALED BY 2012.36)
2011.492011.43Amend Bylaw 2003.52 - Regulate Parking of Vehicles within Township (Fawn Bay Road)June20/2011
2011.502011.44Fire Hydrant Service Rates for Year 2011June20/2011
2011.512011.45Levy and Payment of Taxes and Mosquito Control Service Rate and Adoption of Tax Rates for 2011June20/2011
2011.522011.46Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 (3011 Concession Road 7 - Maps L5 and L6 rezone Agriculture (AG) to Agriculture (AG-3-T)June20/2011
2011.532011.47Authorize Consent Agreement - 1737142 Ontario Inc. (Part Lot 25, Concession 10)June20/2011
2011.552011.48Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 (1028 Monck Road) - rezoning Hamlet (H(1)) to Hamlet (H (1)(3))July11/2011
2011.562011.49Amend Bylaw 1997.88 - Decrease Speed Limit to 50km/hr on Con 10 (to 1km east on Cty Rd. 169);
to 40 km/hr on O'Neill, Mary, Church, and Gladstone Streets, and Perry Avenue (REPEALED BY 2012.99)
2011.572011.50Authorize Sale of Land Adjacent to Heaveners BridgeJuly11/2011
2011.582011.51Authorize Site Plan Agreement - Timothy Ernest Lester and Corynne Lesley Lester - 6190 Sheba DriveJuly11/2011
2011.602011.52Authorize Execution of Memorandum of Understanding with Comprint Systems Inc. (DATAFIX) for Municipal Voterview ServicesAug.08/2011
2011.612011.53Authorize Execution of Contribution Agreement with OMAFRA for OSWAP-3 - Ontario Small Waterworks Assistance
Program Part 3 - AMENDED BY 2011.85
2011.632011.54Authorize Execution of Agreement with Town of Cobourg for Lagoon City DredgingAug.29/2011
2011.652011.55Authorize Execution of Agreement with John E. Craig to Appoint him as Integrity CommissionerSep.19/2011
2011.662011.56Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - 1632 Ramara Road 51 - Replace RU-4 (Map Q7)Sep.19/2011
2011.672011.57Authorize Execution of Agreement with Robert and Beverley Attridge for Land Purchase for Daylighting TriangleSep.19/2011
2011.682011.58Close and Sell Part of Unnamed Street RP 171 and 0.305m Reserve RP 356, and to Authorize Acquisition of Lands for Re-alignment of Lakeshore DriveSep.19/2011
2011.692011.59Authorize Execution of Agreement with Glavin Coating & Refinishing for Lagoon City Bridge Railing RestorationSep.19/2011
2011.712011.60Authorize Execution of Agreement with Theodore James Kennedy to Excavate South Side Ditch of Concession B -
1490 Ramara Road 47
2011.722011.61Amend Legal Indemnification Bylaw 2008.27 - Include Integrity Commissioner as "employee"Oct.17/2011
2011.742011.62Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - Removal of Holding Symbol in VR portion of VR/VC/VIN-(H) zone
(Two Lots on Paget Street and Wellington Street)
2011.752011.63Authorize Boundary Road Agreement with City of Kawartha Lakes (Repeals 2011.22)Nov.07/2011
2011.762011.65Authorize Execution of Tax Arrears Extension Agreement (Perz)Nov.07/2011
2011.782011.66Authorize Consent Agreement - Whitney (Concession 10, Part Lots 31 and 32)Nov.28/2011
2011.792011.67Authorize Execution of Haul Route Agreement concerning McCarthy Quarry (Repeals 2006.01) (REPEALED BY 2012.63)Nov.28/2011
2011.802011.68Authorize Execution of Agreement with Western Mechanical Electrical Millwright Services Ltd for Screw Pump Replacement
at Lagoon City Sewage Treatment Plant
2011.812011.71Establish Municipal Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Appointed Members of Local Boards and Committees
(Repeals 2011.05 and 2011.06) (AMENDED BY 2013.39)
2011.832011.69Establish Salaries and Honorariums (Staff) (Repeals 2010.95) (REPEALED BY 2012.11)Dec.19/2011
2011.842011.70Establish Salaries and Honorariums (Council) (Repeals 2010.96)Dec.19/2011
2011.852011.72Authorize Amendment to Contribution Agreement with OMAFRA for OSWAP-3 to Improve Water Conservation and Efficiency
in Municipal Residential Water and Wastewater Systems - Amends 2011.61
2011.862011.73Authorize Renewal of Agreement with Chippewas of Rama for Automatic Aid for Fire Services (REPEALED BY 2016.67)Dec.19/2011
2011.872011.74Authorize Execution of Agreement with James L. Newlands for Bylaw Enforcement ServicesDec.19/2011