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2012 Bylaw List

BYLAW NO.BILL NO.DESCRIPTION  (Green indicates Amended and Red indicates Repealed)DATE
2012.012012.04Authorize Execution of Agreement for Photovoltaic Solar Panel Supply, Delivery and InstallationJan.09/2012
2012.022012.05Authorize Execution of Agreement with Cowden-Woods Design Builders Ltd for BCCB Brechin Ball Park Multi-Use
Building Renovation Project
2012.042012.01Provide for Levy and Payment of TaxesJan.23/2012
2012.052012.02Authorize Borrowing of Money to Meet Current ExpendituresJan.23/2012
2012.062012.03Amend Bylaw 1997.88, To Decrease Speed Limit to 50 km/hr on Portage Bay Road (REPEALED BY 2012.99)Jan.23/2012
2012.072012.06Authorize Consent Agreement - Philip Azzopardi and Marcia Hope-SmithJan.23/2012
2012.082012.07Authorize Execution of Agreement with FCC - Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund - Outdoor Rink Brechin Ball ParkJan.23/2012
2012.092012.08Authorize Execution of Agreement with Pennorth Group Ltd for Lake Avenue Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Removal
and Replacement
2012.102012.09Appoint Provincial Offence Officers Kathy Sipos, Evan Poulton, Tim Morris, Lyle Brooks, Mike Fountain
(Repeals Bylaw 2003.24) (AMENDED BY 2014.12) (REPEALED BY 2017.02)
2012.112012.10Establish Staff Salaries and Honorariums (staff wages) (Repeals 2011.83) [updates pay equity]Jan.23/2012
2012.122012.11Re-Appoint a Closed Meeting Investigator - JGM ConsultingJan.23/2012
2012.132011.64Regulate Open Air Burning within Ramara (AMENDED BY 2014.17)Jan.23/2012
2012.152012.12Garry McGillivray - Imposing Special Annual Drainage Rates upon land in respect of which money is borrowed
under Tile Drainage Act
2012.162012.13Appoint an Auditor - Nethercott and Company - for financial years 2009, 2010, 2011Feb.13/2012
2012.182012.14Set Water and Sewage Service Rates for 2012Mar.19/2012
2012.192012.15Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - 5367 Rama Road - DC-12-(H)-"T" (Map H2) Alter zoning for 3 years for
Cash-for-gold business
2012.202012.16Establish Municipal Addressing System and Provide for Placing and Maintenance of the System
(REPEALS 1996.49) (AMENDED BY 2012.73, 2017.58)
2012.212012.17Appoint a Solicitor regarding CN Rail Crossing Agreements - Kenneth R. PeelMar.19/2012
2012.222012.18Establish Atherley Community Centre Board of Management to oversee Lovely Day Park (AMENDS 2009.41)Mar.19/2012
2012.232012.19Employee Code of Conduct (REPEALS 2008.07) - Amended by CW.207.12 on Nov.19/2012Mar.19/2012
2012.242012.20Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2007.38 - Culvert and Watering fees (REPEALS 2007.78) (REPEALED BY 2012.97)Mar.19/2012
2012.252012.21Name or Change Names of Various Highways within Ramara - Concessions 2, 3 & 5 (formerly in Rama)Mar.19/2012
2012.272012.22Authorize Sale of Land on O'Neill Street in BrechinMar.26/2012
2012.292012.23Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ontario Power Authority for Ramara Centre Solar Panels - Feed-in Tariff
Microfit Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Mounts
2012.302012.24Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ontario Power Authority for Firehall #1 Brechin Solar Panels - Feed-in Tariff
Microfit Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Mounts
2012.312012.25Authorize Borrowing upon Amortizing Debentures for Costs of Certain Capital WorkApr.16/2012
2012.322012.26Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ontario Power Authority for Works Yard #1 Solar Panels - Feed-in Tariff Microfit
Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Mounts
2012.342012.27Long Grass Bylaw - to Require and Regulate the Cleaning and Clearing of any Grounds, Yards and Vacant Lots
(Repeals 2004.38 and 2008.72) (AMENDED BY 2013.22) (REPEALED BY 2014.36)
2012.352012.28Authorize Execution of Agreement with Galcon Marine Ltd for Removal and Replacement of Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Forcemain across Habour Canal at Lagoon CityMay.07/2012
2012.362012.29Procedure Bylaw (Repeals 2008.05 and 2011.48) (REPEALED BY 2013.87)May.07/2012
2012.372012.31Ramara Chamber of Commerce Lease Agreement with Township for office space in Municipal Admin CentreMay.07/2012
2012.392012.32Provide for Levy and Payment of Taxes and the Mosquito Control Service Rate and Adoption of Tax Rates for 2012Jun.04/2012
2012.402012.33To set Fire Hydrant Service Rates for the Year 2012Jun.04/2012
2012.412012.34Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw - Long Grass Cutting Rates (REPEALED BY 2012.51)Jun.04/2012
2012.422012.35Amend Bylaw 2003.52 - Regulate Parking of Vehicles in Township - Ramara Road 47Jun.04/2012
2012.432012.36Adopt Official Plan Amendment No. 13 - Zoning of 5593 Grays Bay RoadJun.04/2012
2012.442012.37Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - 5593 Grays Bay RoadJun.04/2012
2012.452012.38Authorize Licence Agreement for Temporary Use and Access to Land for Dredging and DumpingJun.04/2012
2012.462012.39Release Option to Repurchase Industrial Lands at 2586 Harrigan DriveJun.04/2012
2012.482012.40Pre-sale Property Inspections of Sump Pump Discharge Connections [Effective January 2013]Jun.25/2012
2012.492012.41Simcoe County Mutual and Automatic Aid Program and Plan Bylaw - Ramara Fire and Rescue ServicesJun.25/2012
2012.502012.42Appoint an Auditor - Nethercott and Company - for financial years 2012-2014Jun.25/2012
2012.512012.44Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2007.38 - Long Grass Cutting $200.00 fee (Amends 2007.38, Item 41 of Schedule A,
Repeals 2012.41) (REPEALED BY 2012.97)
2012.522012.45Authorize Execution of an Encroachment Agreement at 26 Turtle Path - David and Sharon WilsonJun.25/2012
2012.542012.48Authorize Consent Agreement - Donald D. Scott Custom Builder & Renovator Inc.Jul.23/2012
2012.552012.49Authorize Execution of Site License Agreement with Bell Mobility Inc. for Fire Dept and Roads Dept RepeaterJul.23/2012
2012.562012.50Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2007.38 - Item 60 Presale sump discharge inspections and re-inspections
(REPEALED BY 2012.97)
2012.572012.51Amend 2009.22 - Tangible Capital Asset Management PolicyJul.23/2012
2012.582012.52Deem 8116 and 8118 Laidlaw Avenue Not to be a Registered Plan of SubdivisionJul.23/2012
2012.592012.53Authorize Acquisition of Land for Highway Purposes to form a part of Canal RoadJul.23/2012
2012.602012.54Authorize Execution of Agreement with Community Foundation of Orillia and Area for Brechin & Beyond ProjectJul.23/2012
2012.622012.47Amend 2007.66 - Regulate Construction and Maintenance of Driveway Entrances and Control Use and Occupancy
of Boulevards (REPEALED BY 2017.04 & 2017.43)
2012.632012.56Authorize Execution of Consent Assignment and Agreement with QBJR Aggregates (Coco Paving) concerning
McCarthy Quarry (MAQ) - Repeals 2011.79
2012.642012.57Authorize Execution of Agreement for Dredging - Gondola Lagoon with Tayhill Investments Limited (Jones Construction)Sep.10/2012
2012.652012.58Authorize Execution of Encroachment Agreement on Township Road Allowance - Plan 224, Lot 19 - 8118 Laidlaw Avenue
2012.662012.60Authorize Sale of Part Lot 2, Concession 8 (Mara)Sep.10/2012
2012.672012.59Regulate Dock Privileges at the Dock at Fern Resort Road, Lake CouchichingSep.10/2012
2012.682012.61Expropriate Goring Lands - Plan 51R-33082 Parts 4 and 10 and Easement over Plan 51R-33082 Parts 5 and 11Sep.10/2012
2012.702012.30Prohibit or Regulate Placing or Dumping of Fill in Township [REPEALED BY 2018.64 & 2019.02]
2012.712012.55Authorize Sale of Land on Creighton Street, Plan 22194Oct.01/2012
2012.722012.62Authorize Execution of Employment Contract with David McCarthyOct.01/2012
2012.732012.63Amend 2012.20 - Establish Municipal Addressing System and Provide for Placing and Maintaining of Municipal
Addressing System
2012.742012.64Amend 1997.88 - Decrease Speed Limit to 50 km/hr on Suntrac Drive, Meadowcrest Lane, Meadowlark Court and
Sunnydale Lane (REPEALED BY 2012.99)
2012.752012.65Authorize Execution of Agreement with Mathews, Dinsdale and Clark, LLP to represent Township for labour
relations matters
2012.772012.66Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2007.38 (Regulate placing or dumping of fill) (REPEALED BY 2012.97)Oct.29/2012
2012.782012.67Authorize Lease Agreement with Ramara Public Library Board - Ramara CentreOct.29/2012
2012.792012.68Authorize Execution of Agreement with City of Orillia to Provide Fire Dispatch Services to RamaraOct.29/2012
2012.802012.69Amend Bylaw 2010.59 Regulating Mandatory Water Meter Installation on all Municipal Water ConnectionsOct.29/2012
2012.812012.70Authorize Execution of Agreement with SCDSB - Simcoe County District School Board - Joint Use AgreementOct.29/2012
2012.822012.71Authorize Execution of Agreement with Habitat for Humanity Orillia / Lake Country to Establish
Development Charge Late Payment - Sanitary Sewer Service Charge
2012.832012.72Authorize Execution of Lease Agreement between Brechin Community Centre Board and
Ramara Community Policing Committee - Brechin Ball Park Building Office Space
2012.842012.73Appoint Manager of Fire & Rescue Services / Fire Chief - Dave McCarthy - effective January 2, 2013
- REPEALS 2005.12 as of Jan 1, 2013 [REPEALED BY 2018.42]
2012.852012.74Authorize Execution of Agreement with City of Orillia to Provide certain 911 CERB Services -
Central Emergency Reporting Bureau Services to Ramara
2012.862012.75Tile Drainage Loans - Impose Special Annual Drainage Rates upon land in respect of which money is borrowed
under the Tile Drainage Act - Have and Hunter
2012.882012.79Authorize Execution of 5 Year Agreement for Professional Services – Legal - Russell Christie LLP; Engineers
- CC Tatham & Associates, Burnside & Associates; and Planning – Mark L. Dorfman (Repeals 2008.29) (REPEALED BY 2019.45)
2012.892012.84Amend 2003.52 – Regulate Parking of Vehicles - Simcoe RoadNov.19/2012
2012.902012.85Fence Bylaw – Prescribe Height and Description of Lawful Fences in Ramara (Repeals 1998.46 & 2002.85)
(Amended by 2015.48, 2016.47, 2016.53)
2012.912012.86Authorize Site Plan Agreement – Lakepoint Village Phase 1 in Uptergrove – 3986 Con 10Nov.19/2012
2012.922012.87Authorize Water and Wastewater Responsibility Agreement – Lakepoint Village in Uptergrove – 3986 Con 10Nov.19/2012
2012.932012.82Adopt Official Plan Amendment No. 14 – Special Area Policy Rama Lakefront ResortsNov.19/2012
2012.942012.83Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 – 5646 County Road 169 – Rural (RU-24) (Map G6)Nov.19/2012
2012.952012.78Set Water and Sewage Service Rates for Years 2013-2015Nov.19/2012
2012.972012.76Impose Fees or Charges (REPEALS 2007.38, 2008.77, 2009.38, 2009.39, 2011.37, 2012.24, 2012.51, 2012.56, 2012.77)
(Amended by 2013.50, 2013.85, 2014.48, 2016.37, 2016.43, 2017.05) (REPEALED BY 2017.18)
2012.982012.77Employment Provisions, Benefits and Amenities for Staff (REPEALS 2005.83, 2006.10, 2007.15, 2007.22, 2007.42,
2008.04, 2008.23, 2008.54, 2010.29, 2010.30, 2010.61, 2010.75) (REPEALED BY 2017.85)
(Section 6 (iii) of Schedule "A" removed by 2013.45 - Fire Vehicle Allowance)
2012.992012.80Decrease Rate of Speed of Motor Vehicles other than Statutory Speed Limits
(REPEALS 1999.89, 2004.58, 2005.52, 2005.87, 2006.23, 2007.11, 2007.65, 2009.56,
2010.72, 2011.56, 2012.06, 2012.74) (Schedule "A" REPEALED by 2013.43)
2012.1002012.81Re-establish Various Benefits and Amenities for Council (REPEALED BY 2017.83)Dec.10/2012
2012.1012012.88Exempt Certain Lands within Registered Plan 132 from Part Lot Control - 51R-36362, 51R-38672Dec.10/2012
2012.1022012.89Establish Salaries and Honorariums for CouncilDec.10/2012
2012.1032012.90Establish Salaries and Honorariums for StaffDec.10/2012
2012.1042012.91Authorize Execution of Agreement with Premier Concrete Inc. concerning Lagoon City Pedestrian Bridges
- North bridge repairs
2012.105N/ACONFIRMATION BYLAWDec.10/2012


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