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​​2013 Bylaw List

BYLAW NO.BILL NO.DESCRIPTION  (Green indicates Amended and Red indicates Repealed)DATE
2013.012013.01Authorizing Borrowing of Money to meet Current Expenditures of Council Jan.21/2013
2013.022013.02Provide for Levy and Payment of TaxesJan.21/2013
2013.032013.03Authorize Execution of Agreement for Sanitary Sewage Force Line Installation across Anderson Ave - Ripley Jan.21/2013
2013.042013.04Appoint Risk Management Official and Risk Management Inspector - Dyana MarksJan.21/2013
2013.052013.05Regulate Dock Privileges at Fern Resort Road Dock (Repeals 2012.67)Jan.21/2013
2013.062013.06Establish Salaries and Honorariums - Council (Repeals 2011.84 & 2012.102)Jan.21/2013
2013.072013.07Amend Bylaw 2012.99 to Decrease Speed Limits on Benson Road and Fish SideroadJan.21/2013
2013.082013.08Amend Bylaw 2004.82 to Establish Policies for Procurement of Goods & Services and Disposal of Surplus GoodsJan.21/2013
2013.092013.09Authorize Execution of Agreement with Morris Shelswell & Sons for Canal Road Embankment StabilizationJan.21/2013
2013.102013.10Authorize Execution of Agreement with Four Brothers Construction Inc for Canal Road Culvert ReplacementJan.21/2013
2013.12N/ACONFIRMATION BYLAW - Special Council MeetingMar.04/2013
2013.132013.11Close Highway on Part Lot 27, Plan 224 and Authorize Sale of LandMar.04/2013
2013.142013.12Authorize Execution of Agreement for County of Simcoe Paramedic Services PAD Program - Public Access Defibrillation
at Brechin & Udney CCs
2013.152013.13Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ravenhill Group Inc. for CAO Executive SearchMar.04/2013
2013.162013.14Authorize Sale of Part Lot 15, Concession 3 - NewtonMar.04/2013
2013.172013.15Authorize Execution of Agreement with OMAFRA for MIII - Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative funding
for Asset Management Plan
2013.182013.16Authorize Execution of Real Estate Listing Agreement with Marci Csumrik - 7011 County Road 169Mar.04/2013
2013.202013.17Licensing Bylaw for the Provision of Licensing Various Businesses in the Township (Repeals 2005.105, 2006.07)Mar.25/2013
2013.212013.18Authorize Lease Agreement to Lease Unit 4 of the Mara Medical Centre - Ramara Public Library BoardMar.25/2013
2013.222013.21Amends Long Grass Bylaw 2012.34 - Require and Regulate the Cleaning and Clearing of any Grounds, Yards and
Vacant Lots - Amends 2012.34
2013.232013.22Prohibit Heavy Trucks on Designated Roads - Concession 4 [REPEALED BY 2018.60]
2013.242013.23Establish Highway on Parts 1, 2, 3 of Plan 51R-28352 - Part Lot 27, Concession 10 - Easement to former
Casino Employee Parking Lot
2013.252013.19Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - Henderson - 5367 Rama Road - permit temporary sales office on siteMar.25/2013
2013.272013.24Amend 2008.63 to Establish Tariff of Fees for Processing Planning Applications - Micro-Fit and Fit application feesApr.22/2013
2013.282013.25Appoint Building Inspectors - On-Site Sewage - Tatham - Goodale and Durance [see also 2017.64 appointing Pearce]Apr.22/2013
2013.292013.27Authorize Execution of Agreement with County of Simcoe for Emergency Social Services for Evacuation CentresApr.22/2013
2013.302013.28Amend 2003.52 to Prohibit Parking on Designated Roads - Concession 2Apr.22/2013
2013.312013.29Authorize Sale of Land - 7011 County Road 169 to 1613267 Ontario Ltd.Apr.22/2013
2013.322013.30Amend Fees in 2011.21 [Building Permit Fees] a Bylaw respecting the Construction, Demolition and Change of
Use Permits, Inspections and Other Related Services
2013.362013.31Authorize Execution of an Agreement with Miller Paving for Ramara Road 47 UpgradesMay.13/2013
2013.372013.32Appoint a Deputy Fire Chief/Fire Prevention Officer - Tony Stong [REPEALED BY 2018.42]
2013.392013.26Amend Code of Conduct for Council, Committees and Boards Bylaw 2011.81 – definition of “family member"Jun.10/2013
2013.402013.33Levy and Payment of Taxes, Mosquito Control and 2013 Tax RatesJun.10/2013
2013.412013.34Amend Bylaw 2011.33 Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances (82 Creighton St)Jun.10/2013
2013.422013.35Appoint CAO – Chief Administrative Officer – Mark Urbanski as acting CAO as of Jun.22/2013 and CAO
as of Aug.1/2013 (Repeals 1996.44 & 2008.78 as of Jul.31/2013) (REPEALED BY 2014.32)
Speed Limit Bylaw – (Repeals Schedule “A" of 2012.99) (AMENDED BY 2013.64, 2014.13, 2015.06, 2015.11, 2015.29, 2015.41, 2017.14, 2019.18, 2019.66, 2019.70, 2019.91)Jun.10/2013
2013.442013.37Expropriate Lands and Easement - Goring CrossingJun.10/2013
2013.452013.39Employment Provisions, Benefits and Amenities (Staff) - Amend Bylaw 2012.98 – remove Section 6 (iii) of Schedule “A"
regarding Fire Services Vehicle Allowance [REPEALED BY 2018.40]
2013.472013.40Authorize Execution of Agreement with Generation Solar Renewable Energy Systems Inc for solar panels at
Mara Medical Centre
2013.492013.41Authorize Execution of Agreement with William Bruce Mair and Darlene Ann Mair for Installation of Water
Force Line Across Oak Point Road
2013.502013.42Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2012.97 - Risk Management Plans for Source Water Protection (REPEALED BY 2017.18)Jul.08/2013
2013.522013.43Authorize Execution of Agreement with MMAH for ODRAP - Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program FundingJul.29/2013
2013.532013.44Adopt Amendment 15 to Official Plan - NRK Holdings - Con B-C - Change Rural to Mineral Aggregate ExtractionJul.29/2013
2013.542013.45Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - NRK Holdings - Map F7 MAE-11 - Change Rural to Mineral Aggregate ExtractionJul.29/2013
2013.552013.46Amend Zoning Bylaw 2005.85 - Maps J3 & K3 DC-14-(H) - Starport - 3916 & 3952 McRae Park RoadJul.29/2013
2013.562013.47Appoint Project Manager for Ramara Disaster Relief Assistance Funds - John MaddoxJul.29/2013
2013.582013.48Authorize Renewal of County of Simcoe Paramedic Services PAD Program - Public Access Defibrillation Units at FirehallsSep.16/2013
2013.592013.49Remove Option to Purchase 2228 O'Neill StreetSep.16/2013
2013.602013.50Accept Transfers of Lands and Easements to Township and Dedicate 51R-33082 Pts 1, 6, 9 & RO1475348 Pts 1&2
as Public Highway - Oakland Beach Road - Attridge
2013.612013.51Authorize Execution of Agreement with Attila & Terezia Gyurko for Sanitary Sewage Force Line Installation across
Fawn Bay Road & Encroachment Agreement
2013.622013.52Authorize Execution of Encroachment Agreement - 8128 Laidlaw Avenue - MargalikSep.16/2013
2013.632013.53Authorize Execution of Mutual Fire Protection Aid Agreement with City of Kawartha Lakes Sep.16/2013
2013.642013.54Amend 2013.43 - a Bylaw to Decrease the Rate of Speed of Motor Vehicles other than the Statutory Speed
Limits - Mara Rama Boundary Road, Willison Sideroad & Sideroad 25
2013.652013.55Authorize Execution of Agreement with Ontario Power Authority for Feed-In Tariff MicroFit Contract for Solar
Panels on Mara Medical Centre Rooftop
2013.672013.56Authorize Execution of Easement Agreement with Steve Banfield - Canal Road - Dam at Lock 37 ConstructionOct.07/2013
2013.682013.57Authorize Execution of Easement Agreement with William Bruce Hunter - Canal Road - Dam at Lock 37 ConstructionOct.07/2013
2013.692013.58Authorize Execution of Easement Agreement with Public Works Canada - Canal Road - Dam at Lock 37 ConstructionOct.07/2013
2013.702013.59Authorize Acquisition of Land for Drainage - David Richard Reid - Fairgrounds Road - Part Lot 10, Concession LOct.07/2013
2013.722013.60Authorize Execution of Agreement with SCDSB - Joint Use AgreementNov.04/2013
2013.732013.61Authorize Execution of Agreement with CNR for Right of Entry Form for Contractors - Oakland Beach Road CrossingNov.04/2013
2013.742013.62Authorize a Memorandum of Understanding with ODSC - Orillia District Snowmobile Club for use of unopened road
allowances and rail trail
2013.772013.64Appoint a Building Inspector - Charlotte ClarkeNov.25/2013
2013.792013.65Authorize Execution of Agreement with MOE - Ministry of Environment for Source Protection Plan funding - SPMIFDec.12/2013
2013.812013.63Re-appoint a Closed Meeting Investigator - JGM Consulting - 2 year termDec.16/2013
2013.822013.66Establish Salaries and Honorariums for Staff in 2014 (AMENDED BY 2014.08, 2014.34) [See 2014.91 for 2015 rates]Dec.16/2013
2013.832013.67Authorize Execution of Source Water Protection Licence Agreement with LSRCA - Lake Simcoe Region Conservation
Authority - Information Sharing - LSRCA info required by the municipality
2013.842013.68Authorize Execution of Source Water Protection Licence Agreement with LSRCA - Lake Simcoe Region Conservation
Authority - Information Sharing - Township info required by the LSRCA
2013.852013.69Amend Fees and Charges Bylaw 2012.97 - Encroachment Agreements (REPEALED BY 2017.18)Dec.16/2013
2013.862013.70Deem Part of a Plan of Subdivision Not to be a Registered Plan of Subdivision - 2710, 2712, & 2714 Lakeshore DriveDec.16/2013
2013.872013.72Procedure Bylaw to Govern the Calling, Place and Proceedings of Meetings - Repeals 2012.36 (REPEALED BY 2015.08)Dec.16/2013

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