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Code of Conduct Bylaws


Code of Conduct for Staff - Amended November 19, 2012


The Code of Conduct for Staff was amended by resolution CW.207.12 on November 19, 2012.  This amends Bylaw 2012.23 which was passed on March 19, 2012, which repeals Bylaw 2008.07 passed on January 28, 2008 and its later amendment by motion CW.65.09 on March 23, 2009.  This Code of Conduct serves as a guide to staff in the conduct of their duties to ensure integrity, competency and impartiality.


Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Citizen Appointees to Committees and Boards - Bylaw 2011.81 passed Nov.28/2011 - Amended by Bylaw 2013.39 


The Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Appointed Members of Local Boards and Committees was passed in Bylaw 2011.81 on November 28, 2011.  This repeals Bylaws 2011.05 and 2011.06  Bylaw 2011.81 was amended by Bylaw 2013.39 on June 10, 2013.

The Code of Conduct for Citizen Appointees to Boards and Committees was originally approved July 18, 2005. The purpose and intent of this code is to establish guidelines for the conduct of citizens appointed by Council to various advisory, ad hoc and special purpose boards and committees of the Township or on which the Township is represented.

The Code of Conduct for Members of Council was originally passed on August 24, 2009 in Bylaw 2009.60 which has since been repealed. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish a minimum standard for the behaviour of Members of Council in fulfilling their mandate while respecting each Member of Council’s role to represent the public and the public interest to the best of their ability.


Township's Integrity Commissioner