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Message from the Fire Chief
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A Message from the Chief

73 Strong

Though new to the position of Fire Chief, I have spent my time in the ranks of the fire service and having been afforded that privilege, my passion to drive forward and love for the service have only grown because of it. Ramara Fire Pumper 2 in action

I haveHappy Firefighters in the Community always been a firm believer that we are only as strong as our weakest link and this has always held true in the fire service.  Fortunately for Ramara Township, it seems to only produce strong links.  In my 21 years with the fire service I have learned many great life lessons and have only grown my understanding of integrity, resilience, selflessness and the passion to serve.  In 1996 as a recent graduate of university, like anyone at 23, I was on top of the world and full of ambition and desire with no set course.  Working for the casino to pay bills while I figured out my future, I was fortunate to hear about the realm of the volunteer firefighter.  I had a friend whom volunteered, and he told me all about it.  The Chief of the day, Ted Conway, invited me to visit the station and see what volunteering was all about.  It was at this point that I started to see the true value and worth of the service.  Many people believe it is the management that molds and sculpts the department and makes it what it is.  There are certainly some truths to this as bad management can destroy a service, however when it comes to the volunteer fire service, its strength is its people.

Ramara Husky AirboatSince 1996 I have grown in this fire service along with an amazing group of individuals.  I have learned from both my senior fire personnel and from the newest of personnel but there is one common thread that binds, the desire to serve and protect their neighbour.  To care for the young driver that made their first mistake and unfortunately suffered injuries.  To console the family that lost their possessions in fire but to reassure them that they escaped with all their family.  To treat their neighbour as family and go above and beyond to ensure that their worst day does not define the best days to come. Fire Engine and summer sunset

This is what our fire service is made of, not a bunch of want to be heroes that like to drive expensive red trucks, but rather a group of neighbours that realize strength and longevity of community is bred in numbers and a willingness to persevere over evils of the day for the betterment of the community in which they reside.  By treating neighbours as family in their darkest hour, regardless of a spat you may have had several hours ago, treating the family that has visited and traversed our community as one of our own when tragedy strikes, serving a stranger in a time of need with the only hope that the same kind of service may be provided to one of their own if they came upon unfortunate circumstances when away from home.

I am extremely proud to have been granted the opportunity to serve Ramara Township as Fire Chief, serving after a long line of excellence.  I hope to bear the torch with such effectiveness, an effectiveness granted by its membership.  The people of Ramara should rest a little more comfortably than most knowing that they have such an excellent fire service complement working for them.  This extremely well-trained and professional group have the best interest of Ramara's people at heart.  Our strength is our people and we are 73 strong.Ramara fire equipment then and now

Tony Stong
Manager of Fire and Rescue Services /Fire Chief