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Ramara Community Policing

 Ramara Community Policing Logo The Community Policing Program is the Community and the Police working together to identify and address the concerns of the community relating to safety issues and criminal activity.

It is a PEOPLE-ORIENTED form of policing on a partnership between the community and its police, designed to use feedback from the public to enable the police to be aware of and to implement solutions to the concerns of the community.

Citizens of the community are best able to identify problem areas in their neighbourhoods; it is the committee’s responsibility to bring these problems to the attention of the police and then mutually find the solution.

Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Administration Building Committee Room.

Current leading initiatives:

  1. Traffic concerns - use of speed tubes to retain accurate information to provide to the OPP for enforcement.
  2. Child Identification Program partnership with the local Masonic Lodge.
  3. Providing and maintaining the OPP/ CN Police office.
Current members:
Mary Bax Chair 705-689-6229 or by email to:
Llewellyn Quinn Treasurer 
Robert Kay Member 
Pamela Fulford Member 
Dyana Marks Secretary 705-484-5374 ext. 285 or by email to:
Marilyn Brooks Council Representative 705-689-6553 or by email to:
John Appleby Council Representative 705-484-5918

Having a Community Function?

The Committee members, in conjunction with the OPP, would be more than happy to set up an information booth at your function.  Contact our Chair, Secretary or Council Representatives with the date, time and location of event and we will do our best to attend.

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OPP / CN Police Office

Ramara OPP / CN Police Officers, cruisers and office building  


3227 Ramara Rd 47, more commonly known as the Brechin Ball Park, is the location of our Ramara Community Policing OPP/ CN Police Office. This will give the officers on duty in Ramara somewhere they can stop, do reports and research within the Municipality.

This office will not be staffed or occupied during any particular office hours, but residents are welcome to meet with officers at the facility if there is a cruiser on site.

Aerial photo of Brechin area highlighting location of OPP Building at the Brechin Ball Park