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Ramara Township

LCPWC Frequently Asked Questions
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Who are the members of the Lagoon City Parks and Waterways Commission and how can I get in touch with them?

PositionName/EmailPhone No.
ChairpersonTodd Billinger(647) 955-6972
CommissionerRobert Para(705) 558-1310 x 10
​CommissionerRobert Poyntz
Council RepJohn O'Donnell(705)484-5742
Council RepKal Johnson(705)345-6374
SecretaryNicole Brittain
(705)484-5374 x 242


Are ornamental grasses permitted along the shorewalls?

Council has amended its long grass bylaw to permit planting of ornamental grasses to assist with the uploading of phosphorus and to deter wildlife from the shorewall area.

What is scare tape and where can I purchase it?

Bird scare flash tape is a reflective tape and when hung along the shorewall, the slightest breeze is enough to cause a fluttering sound and mirror-like reflections that will scare away even the bravest birds.  This tape is available at the Township office at $7.00 (plus HST) per 200 ft. roll.

How can I get the harvester to clean my canal?

It takes the harvester approximately 6 days to get through the entire canal system depending on the amount of weed growth. Where weed growth is prevalent, harvesting will take longer. The harvester cannot get under the bridges to get into Turtle or Pike (Beach Cove) Lagoons until the water level drops usually sometime in August.

How close can the harvester get to the shorewall?

The harvester cannot get any closer than 6 feet from any boat or shorewall.

What can we do with the weeds from the lagoon?

If you choose to remove the weeds from your lagoon you may compost them or take them to the landfill site.

What can be done about the nuisance animals such as beavers?

We have hired trappers to address the problem of the beavers in the navigational areas. If you would like the list of licensed trappers call the Ministry of Natural Resources at 705-725-7500 or visit for more information on trapping in Ontario. 

How can I get the canal Dredged in front of my property?
Contact Customer Service at the Township office, by telephone 484-5374 or email, to request the canal in front of your property be listed as an area that requires dredging.