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Lottery Licensing


Eligible charitable and religious organizations may raise funds through municipal lottery events.  Municipalities are responsible for issuing lottery licences to eligible charitable and religious organizations within the boundaries of the Municipality.

lottery scheme has 3 components: prize, chance and consideration.  Therefore, a lottery exists if money or other consideration is given for a chance to win a prize.

All lottery schemes or events require a licence however not all lottery schemes are licensable.  If a lottery scheme is not licenced then it is prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Lottery licences issued by municipalities typically include:

  • Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500;
  • Raffle lotteries with total prizes up to $50,000;
  • Break Open Tickets;
  • Bazaar Lottery Events.​

Eligible Organizations

​Organizations that are eligible to conduct lotteries fall into one of two categories:

  1. Charitable Organizations where the organization's purposes and objects are all charitable; and
  2. Non-profit organizations with charitable objects (may have a mixture of charitable and non-charitable purposes).

In order to qualify for a lottery licence, an organization must have been in existence for at least 1 year and provide charitable purposes and objects that fall within one of the following four classifications:

  • Relief of Poverty
  • Advancement of Education
  • Advancement of Religion
  • Other Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community

Eligibility Review

​Organizations that are interested in raising funds through lottery must complete an eligibility review with the Township prior to a licence being issued. Organizations are requested to complete and submit a Lottery Licence Questionnaire along with the following documentation for the review:

  • a copy of its letters patent;
  • a copy of its constitution and by-laws;
  • a copy of its budget for the current year;
  • a copy of its financial statements for the preceding year;
  • a list of its Board of Directors;
  • its latest report to the Public Guardian and Trustee;
  • its charitable number for income tax purposes;
  • a copy of its Notification of Charitable Registration letter from the Canada Revenue Agency with any supporting documentation indicating the applicant's status and terms of registration;
  • copies of its charitable returns to the Canada Revenue Agency for the previous calendar year;
  • a detailed descriptions of its activities; and
  • a copy of its annual report.
  • any other information that will assist the licensing official to determine the charitable nature of its purposes, objects and activities.

First time Lottery Licence applicants are encouraged to visit Charitable Lottery Licensing Overview.

Please allow 20 days for the Township to carry out the eligibility review.

Lottery Licence Applications and Forms

​Please allow at least 14 days for the Municipality to process a lottery licence application and an additional 20 days for organizations applying for the first time.

Licensees are required to hold lottery proceeds in a designated Lottery Trust Account at their financial institution.  Lottery proceeds may only be used for the purposes specified in the lottery licence application as approved by the licensing authority.

Links to applications and forms commonly used by Ramara Township eligible organizations:

Raffle Licence Application

Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions

Raffle Lottery Report

Break Open Ticket (Nevada) Licence Application

Break Open Ticket (Nevada) Terms and Conditions

Break Open Ticket (Nevada) Lottery Report


Sample Rules of Play

​For more information on Lottery Licencing, please visit Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario