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Municipal Drains

Municipal Drain

There are a number of municipal drains in the Township of Ramara. A Municipal Drain is petitioned and created and/or designated by Council bylaw under the Drainage Act.

Besides Municipal Drains, there are a number of award drains throughout the Township. However, award drains have a different legal status than other drains. In addition to Municipal Drains and Award Drains, there are natural drains, roadside ditches, drainage swales, lot grading and drainage plans that we are called upon to check.

One of our challenges with drainage is lake levels, high ground water, flat elevations and beavers.


The Township’s responsibility in controlling beavers is as follows:

  1. Municipal Drains
    1. Works has the authority to enter private property and remove the obstruction from a municipal drain either voluntarily or within 45 days of a written request. All costs are charged back to the benefiting land owner.
  2. Award Drains
    1. The Township does not have an obligation to act or enter onto private property when an obstruction blocks an award drain. It is up to the land owner and may or may not include the Township.
  3. Township Roads
    1. If a beaver dam threatens an open road, it is in the Township’s best interest to alleviate the flooding to reduce road maintenance and provide safe roads to the travelling public; however, they must get permission to be on private property.
  4. Private Property and Unimproved Roads
    1. The Township is not responsible; it is up to the land owner to address the issue by either doing it themselves or hiring a private contractor.