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Potholes are more prevalent in the spring when frost develops and snow is melting. Residents are warned to be careful when going through puddles because they can hide potholes. The Township does not repair potholes in driveways and private parking lots.

The Formation of Potholes on hard surface roads

  1. Water seeps into cracks in the pavement.
  2. The water builds up and softens the ground under the road.
  3. The water freezes and expands, which pushes the pavement up.
  4. When the water under the pavement dries, a hole is left beneath the road.
  5. The pavement is now weakened. As soon as a car drives over this area, the pavement collapses, leaving behind a pothole.

In the winter and spring when the Township repairs the pothole, the material often does not adhere sufficiently; therefore, the pothole may develop again quite quickly. Once the weather permits, works staff will fill the pothole with more permanent material.

Repair Schedule for Potholes

Paved Roads

Class of Highway     Surface Area  Depth   Time
31000 cm²8 cm7 days
41000 cm²8 cm14 days
51000 cm²8 cm30 days

Unpaved Roads

Class of Highway     Surface Area  Depth   Time
31500 cm²8 cm7 days
41500 cm²10 cm14 days
51500 cm²12 cm30 days

Gravel Roads

Gravel roads are graded in the spring as soon as the weather allows. Once dust suppressant is applied in June, grading is avoided until September. Fall grading commences in September, as needed, until freeze up.