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Wet weather causing road maintenance challenges

Due to the spring thaw and fluctuations in weather pattern (warm weather and significant rain), road crews have been prevented from carrying out scheduled grading of gravel roads. Due to the amount of moisture still in the road structure, if graders are used, roads will be further damaged and will compromise safety.
We recognize that the condition of the gravel roads right now makes for difficult driving conditions and requires drivers to slow down. We are continuing to monitor road conditions and are ready to deploy equipment as soon as conditions safely allow.   

Please be advised that the Township of Ramara is doing everything possible with the available resources to service the roads to an acceptable level.  The Township of Ramara thanks you for your patience and understanding.
Posted 2019-03-18 4:27pm


Municipal Works key responsibilities include:

▪    Township Roads

▪    Winter Control

▪    Parking lots and Sidewalks

▪    Bridges and Culverts

▪    Driveway Entrance Permits

▪    Traffic Signs and Street lights

▪    Park Maintenance

▪    Long Grass

▪    Noxious Weeds

▪    Municipal Drains

▪    Fence Bonus Policy

▪    Mailboxes

▪    Mosquito Control

▪    West Nile Virus Program