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Staff Directory


Jennifer Connor, Legislative Services Manager / Clerk / Acting CAO

Leanne Marshall, Assistant to the CAO
ext. 235

Jennifer Thompson, Administrative Support Services

Brittany Wilson
, Human Resources Coordinator / Health & Safety Officer ext. 241


Building Services
David Wellman, ​CBO - Chief Building Official / Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 230

Chris Robinson, Building Inspector / Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 252

Eric Brathwaite, Building and Planning Assistant ext. 293

Amanda Renton, Building Permit Coordinator ext. 266

Charlotte Clarke Baker, Deputy Chief Building Official

Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement
Chris Robinson
, Bylaw Enforcement Officer / Building Inspector ext. 252

Canine Control

Contact Canine Control at 705-623-7295 or

Mark Cronk, Canine Control Officer

Erica Loutskou, Canine Control Officer


Contact Council at 705-484-5374 or by email at:

Basil Clarke, Mayor

John O'Donnell, Deputy Mayor

David Snutch, Councillor Ward 1

Joe Gough, Councillor Ward 2

Ted Lamb, Councillor Ward 3

Gary Hetherington, Councillor Ward 4

Kal Johnson, Councillor Ward 5

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Dave Readman, Manager of Environmental Services

Natalie Black, Environmental Services Secretary
ext. 237

Dyana Marks, Resources Technician / Risk Management Official
ext. 285

Fire and Emergency Plannning

Fire and Rescue Services
Emergency Planning Services

Tony Stong, Fire Chief
ext. 201

Robert McCarthy, Deputy Fire Chief / Fire Prevention Officer
ext. 263

Madison Dunn, Fire and Emergency Planning Secretary
ext. 253

Legislative Services - Clerks

Legislative Services

Jennifer Connor, Legislative Services Manager / Clerk / Acting CAO

Cathy Wainman, Deputy Clerk
ext. 256

Nicole Brittain, Council/Committee Coordinator / LCPWC Secretary/Treasurer
ext. 242

Susan Grant, ​Records Manager / FOI Coordinator
ext. 245


Ramara Public Library
Janet Banfield
CEO - Chief Executive Officer



Planning Services
Deb McCabe
, Planning Supervisor / Zoning Administrator
ext. 243

Eric Brathwaite, Building and Planning Assistant ext. 293

Jennifer Stong, Assistant Zoning Administrator / Economic Development Officer


Recreation Services
Caroline Schiavone
, Recreation Services Supervisor

​ext 247 or 705-325-3091

Melody Madden, ​Part-time Recreation Assistant
ext 247 or 705-325-3091

Treasury Services

Treasury Services
Carol James
, Manager of Treasury Services

Zach Drinkwalter, Deputy Treasurer / Tax Collector
ext. 224

Donna Harrington, Customer Care / Receptionist
ext. 240

Sally Heitzner, Customer Care / Accounts Payable
ext. 225

​Audrey Lee, Accounts Receivable / Utilities Coordinator
ext. 221

Darlanne Bohdan, Customer Care / Tax Inquiry Clerk
ext. 223

Kevin De Klerk, Building Maintenance Technician
ext. 325


Municipal Works
Kathy Sipos
, Manager of Municipal Works

Ashley Watson, Municipal Works Support Services
ext. 232

Josh Kavanagh, Contract Administrator
ext. 290

Jenn Thompson, Part Time Municipal Works Support Services