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Treasury Services

The Treasury department is responsible for the administration of all financial matters relating to the Township including payment of accounts, billing and collection of receivables and property taxes, employee payroll, capital forecasts, annual operating budgets and all other matters relating to these functions.

The CAO and Manager of Treasury Services are responsible to prepare the long term capital forecast and annual estimates of revenues and expenditures. Financial control within the organization is a large part of this position. As well, the CAO is constantly on the lookout for grants to assist the Township.

Tax Due Dates
February 25
April 25

JUNE 25*
September 25

October 25
November 25

NOTE:  Your interim tax amount is calculated based on 50% of your previous year's taxes.  Your total tax liability for the current year will be calculated and billed in June and your interim levy deducted from it.

Please note that Council passed the following motion at the December 4, 2017 Committee of the Whole meeting:
CW.392.17 THAT we receive Report TR-19-17 dated December 4, 2017; AND THAT we change the July 25th tax due date to June 25 commencing in 2018.
Committee of the Whole Report 17/17 December 4, 2017

What methods are available to pay my tax bill?

Will the Township accept post dated cheques for payment of taxes?
Post dated cheques for the due date ARE accepted.  Payments must reach this office by the due date.