The Ontario Building Code was amended through Ontario Regulation 315/10 to establish and govern the Mandatory On-site Sewage System Inspection program.

This amendment helps protect Ontario's drinking water and the natural environment and supports the implementation of the Clean Water Act, 2006 (CWA) and the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.

The Township of Ramara established the Discretionary Sewage Re-Inspection program through Bylaw 2019.73 to meet the provincially mandated requirements. Each year a different area of the Township is subject to the Re-inspection program that takes 5 years to complete.

Properties identified for Re-inspection

The On-site Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program will include all properties that are within 100m from all rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. For 2021 please check both the mandatory and discretionary lists to see if your property is due.

When will it occur?

Both the Mandatory and Discretionary On-site Sewage System program will occur on a 5-year cycle. Inspections will typically take place during the spring, summer and fall months. For 2021, the majority of inspections will occur in the fall due to pandemic related delays.

What is the process?

  1. An inspection will take place to examine the septic and surrounding areas. During the visit the following is observed:
    • Location of the tile field and tank where visible
    • Detectable odour
    • Discharge of effluent to surface
  2. A notice will be left at the door once inspection is complete.
  3. The Township requires a pump out certificate completed by a certified septic hauler of your choice. It is your responsibility to ensure that the pump out certificate is submitted to the Township within the inspection year.

How much does it cost?

Once the Township has examined the septic and surrounding areas, residents will receive an invoice for $150.00. Please be advised that after the allotted thirty days for payment, the fee amount is transferred directly to the property tax account.

Advanced Treatment Units

Every Treatment Unit must be under a Current Service Agreement. A Service Agreement is a requirement under the Ontario Building Code it must be continual and a copy be sent into the Township office. The Annual Service Reports must be sent into the Township every year. Reports sent in annually will be exempt from requiring re-inspection.

If you do not have a Current Agreement or do not submit a Mandatory Annual Service Report, the Township will inspect and charge $150.00 fee for the annual inspection. Further action will be taken if you do not comply with the mandatory requirements.

Failed Inspection

If your system fails an inspection, you will receive a letter from the Township outlining your deficiencies with a deadline on your remedial action.

Further action will be taken if corrections are not complete.