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Emergency Management


Being prepared is the best way to protect yourself and your family during emergencies. The Ramara Emergency Management Committee meets regularly to keep the Township prepared and provide necessary information to enable the residents to be prepared and well informed in the event of an emergency.  Check this page often to get up to date information on how to best prepare yourself for a variety of possible events during every season of the year. 

What’s happening:

In spring, continue to recognize potential hazards and be prepared for emergency situations.

With warmer temperatures upon us, melting snow, ice jams and aggressive spring rains may cause flooding in our area.  Floods can cause damage to your property, disrupt communities and even cause death. Being prepared will enable you to protect your family and home. 

Visit the links below for further information:

Emergency Car Kits

Winter Storms

Severe Winds - Strong winds can cause power loss, property damage and more

Forest Fires - Forest Fires can endanger you and your home

Thunderstorms - Lightning injures up to 164 people annually

Tornadoes - Did you know Ontario has an average of 12 tornadoes per year?

Weather Alerts - Bookmark this page to get up to date weather warnings for your area

Storm Centre - Check for power outages in your area and estimated restore time

Creating your plan72 Hours - Is your family prepared?Emergency Kit Contents

Make a Plan
Build a Kit
Be Informed
Know the Risks
Children in Emergencies