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Ramara Township
  • 2020STRAL_OpenHouses_bannergraphic.png2020STRAL_OpenHouses_bannergraphic.png
  • HalfLoadRestrictions_Mar1_Apr30_bannergraphic.pngHalfLoadRestrictions_Mar1_Apr30_bannergraphic.png
    Half Load Restrictions effective March 1, 2020 on Ramara Township roads
  • 2020-02-03CurbsideCollectionsChanges_bannergraphic.png2020-02-03CurbsideCollectionsChanges_bannergraphic.png
    Changes to Curbside Collections coming Feb 3, 2020
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  • ramara winter 2020 banner for website.pngramara winter 2020 banner for website.png
  • 2020Paytm_CreditCardOnlinePayments_bannergraphic.pdf.png2020Paytm_CreditCardOnlinePayments_bannergraphic.pdf.png
    Make online credit card payments at
  • Reach Out Ramara Community Engagement PlatformReach Out Ramara Community Engagement Platform
    Reach Out Ramara Community Engagement Platform
  • Click to view form, Submit completed forms to ramara@ramara.caClick to view form, Submit completed forms to
    Click to view form, Submit completed forms to
  • WinterNoOvernightParking_bannergraphic.pngWinterNoOvernightParking_bannergraphic.png
    No Overnight Parking permitted Nov 15 to Apr 15 - midnight to 7am
  • 2019UpdatetoOfficialPlan_bannergraphic2.jpg2019UpdatetoOfficialPlan_bannergraphic2.jpg
    Update to Ramara's Official Plan
  • WinterHorse.jpgWinterHorse.jpg
  • WasteCollectionImpacts.pngWasteCollectionImpacts.png
    Waste Collection Impacts
  • WinterRamaraHike.jpgWinterRamaraHike.jpg
  • WinterIceFishing.jpgWinterIceFishing.jpg
  • Community Information SystemCommunity Information System
    Your alerts, Your way.

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Accessible Formats
Upon request, the Township of Ramara will provide, or arrange for the provision of, accessible formats and or communication supports for people with disabilities in a timely manner.  Please contact the Clerk's Department at 705-484-5374 if you wish an accessible format or communication support.
Click Accessibility for further information.