Business Licensing

A business licence is required to operate certain businesses within the boundaries of the Township of Ramara.  The Township of Ramara enacted Bylaw 2013.20 for the provision of licensing various businesses in the Township.

Hawker, Pedder, Transient Trader

Required for businesses or occupations of a general nature and for which no premises are occupied and may move from location to location with the intent to sell goods.

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Salvage, Wrecking Yard or Second-Hand Goods

Required for businesses that have occasion to occupy premises or land where vehicle parts, farm implements or second hand goods or parts thereof are disassembled and goods are offered for resale.

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Refreshment Vehicle

Required for businesses that have occasion to occupy premises for the purpose of selling various refreshments and are required to comply with the Health Protection & Promotion Act.

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Required for owners/operators of dog kennels either boarding, breeding, predator control, hunting and competition kennels in excess of three dogs.

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Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Operators and owners of all Short-term Accommodations within the Township of Ramara are required to obtain an annual licence to operate.