If you need to install a rural mailbox on a Township owned road, a permit is required.

Complete an Application 

Application Process

  1. The owner must stake the proposed location,  complete the application and submit to the Township office. There is no fee for the application.
  2. The Township will let you know if the location is acceptable or any changes if needed.
  3. Install your mailbox! It is up to the property owner/resident to advise their local post office and comply with any Canada Post stipulations.

Mailboxes are regulated by Bylaw 2005.68, and its amendments 2007.97 & 2018.46

Please note any person who contravenes Bylaw 2005.68 or its amendments is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine or penalty.

Why get a Permit?

During the winter season, it is difficult for snowplow drivers to maneuver around incorrectly placed mailboxes. Obtaining a permit ensures that the snowplow will be able to get by properly. If a mailbox is hit by a Township plow, and was installed with a permit, the Town will replace it at no cost to you. If the mailbox was installed without a permit, the Township is unable to replace it.