Property Standards

The Township of Ramara has passed Property Standards Bylaw 2019.16, which sets out minimum maintenance standards for properties located within the municipality. These standards apply to exterior yards, structures, dwellings and interior dwelling standards for rental properties.

Examples of minimum maintenance standards include:

  • The maintenance of all plumbing, heating, ventilation, electrical, lighting, and all interior & exterior finishes in buildings.
  • The removal of rubbish; litter; debris; dead or decaying trees; wrecked, dismantled, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles; dilapidated buildings.
  • The Property Standards Officer has the responsibility to administer and enforce property standards bylaw within the Township. Property Standards Officers are appointed, by bylaw, as both Property Standards Officers under the authority of the Building Code Act.

Complaint Process

A written complaint using the Report a Concern online form must be received by the Township of Ramara to initiate an investigation. Upon receipt, a Property Standards Officer will investigate.

The investigation may include any or all of the following actions:

  1. Contacting the tenant and/or owner to confirm the complaint is valid or has been resolved,
  2. Attending the property to conduct an inspection to obtain evidence,
  3. Issuing verbal or written orders to the contravener(s).
  4. Initiate additional legal action where necessary.

All complaints should be directed to the Bylaw Enforcement Department. A name and phone number of the complainant and/or owner are required so a thorough investigation can be conducted. The Property Standards Officer may contact the owner to confirm they are aware of tenant's concerns. Tenant/occupants are expected to provide access to the owner or property manager, subject to reasonable notification in accordance with applicable legislation, so they can carry out the necessary remedial work.