The Township is in the process of updating our Official Plan and will be providing opportunities for residents to give input. For more information on the the Townships current Official Plan, see our Official Plan page.

The Planning Act of Ontario requires municipalities to regularly review their Official Plans to reflect updates to legislation, Provincial plans and policies, and regional government (Simcoe County) plans. Reviewing the Townships Official Plan ensures the document and vision for the Township remains up to date and consistent with guiding policy and legislation.

Official Plan Review 

At this time, the County of Simcoe has commenced a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) in accordance with the Provincial Growth Plan, A place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. As the Township of Ramara's Official Plan must conform with the County of Simcoe, the Official Plan process is on hold until this is complete (the anticipated date is June 2022). 

Any notices for future public engagement and updated information about the Official Plan Review will be posted here. Alternatively, you can always contact Planning staff directly with any questions or comments. 

Community Workshops for the Official Plan Review

Online community workshops will be listed on this page to hear feedback on the key discussion paper themes of the Townships Official Plan Review. You can view the presentation slides and watch the recordings from these public workshops as they become available.

The Townships Official Plan review is focused on the following key themes:

  • Vision and Guiding Principles 
  • Complete Communities and Balanced Growth
  • Housing 
  • Community Design and Heritage
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Agriculture and Rural Lands

We want you to join the conversation and provide input to help shape the development of the Townships Official Plan so remember to subscribe to this page to get notified with updates. 

More ways to get involved in the Townships Official Plan Review

We want to hear from you! Public engagement and consultation will take place throughout the Official Plan Review process, and you can contact us directly with any questions or feedback. In addition to ongoing engagement initiatives, you can also feel free to provide comments via email to Planning staff. For example, what type of housing forms are you most interested in? Where should we locate roads, parks or other amenities? How can we continue to promote our cultural heritage and natural environment?