Are you installing solar panels or a standby generator on your property? If so, the Township requires you to purchase a sign that will go on top of your 911 green blade, to indicate its presence.


  • Yellow Alternate Power Blade - $6.25
  • Solar Panel Sticker x2 (1 for each side) $5.90
  • Standby Generator Sticker x2 (1 for each side) $5.90

For online payments, a convenience fee of 4.5% will apply to the credit card (Visa or Mastercard) payment. 

Complete Application

Why do I need a Sign?

You might be wondering why you need this sign. Well, firefighters are at a higher risk when responding to a home with alternate power sources, including Solar Panels and Standby Generators. Solar Panels can be particularly dangerous because it is impossible to cut the power supply. The panels are hard to see at night, and integrated panels are nearly impossible to see at any time of the day. This means firefighters could be dealing with a live circuit without even realizing it.

How is it installed?

The alternate power signage is installed overtop of your green number (sometimes referred to as a green blade) as seen in the image below. 

Green number with Yellow sign

Depending on the alternate power source or sources you have, the images below will be stuck onto the yellow blade. These are the stickers you will be purchasing

Alternate power signage sticker

What is a 911 green number

A 911 green number is located at the end of your driveway. These numbers help Emergency Services located your home quickly in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about 911 Municipal Addressing in Ramara. 

Want to know more? 

Check out this great article explaining the importance of installing our yellow signs.