Short-term Rental Accommodation Licensing:

On January 27, 2020, Council passed the STRA - Short Term Rental Accommodation Licensing Bylaw 2020.11​​ that stipulates that operators and owners of all Short-term Accommodations within the Township of Ramara are required to obtain an annual licence to operate. On June 14, 2021, Council adopted Bylaw 2021.43 to Amend Bylaw 2021.11 - Being a Bylaw to license, regulate and govern Short-Term Rental Accommodation Uses. 

What is a Short-Term Rental Accommodat​​ion?

A Short-Term Rental Accommodation is a building or structure that operates or offers a place of temporary residence, lodging or occupancy by way of concession, permit, lease, licence, rental agreement or similar commercial arrangement for any period less than twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days, throughout all or any part of a calendar year.​​

What are the requirements?

The new Short-Term Rental Accommodation Bylaw 2020.11, sets out all the requirements to qualify for a licence. The following forms provide all the required information to applicants on what information, documents and forms must be supplied to the Township in addition to the annual licensing fee of $1,000.00. If you require further information or wish to schedule a Pre-Screening meeting to review your eligibility for a licence, please contact

Pre-Screening Meetings can be scheduled on Tuesdays between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm or Thursdays between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.


Short-term Rental Accommodation Licensed Locations

In accordance with the Short-term Rental Accommodations Bylaw 2020.11, the location of all licensed short-term rental accommodations in the Township shall be posted on the Township website and include the contact information for the Responsible Person appointed by the operator tasked with the management and response to complaints at the property  Responsible person appointed under the bylaw are available 24/7 to be contacted by tenants, residents and the general public who have a concern or complaint about the use of the property. The appointed person must respond to the licensed location within one (1) hour of being contacted by e-mail or phone. 

List of locations

Map of Locations 

NOTE: When accessing the map, please click 'Short-Term Rental Accommodation' under the Business and Development tab. 


 If complaints are filed with the Responsible Person and no action is undertaken, please forward your complaint to the Township of Ramara at or fill out the online Report a Concern form. 


We want to hear from the residents in the community on how STRAs are running in the community and any suggestions or comments they want US to know about. Submit your comments on our forum in order to help improve our processes and communication. 

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