Short-term Rental Accommodation Licensing

On January 27, 2020, Council passed the STRA - Short Term Rental Accommodation Licensing Bylaw 2020.11​​ that stipulates that operators and owners of all Short-term Accommodations within the Township of Ramara are required to obtain an annual licence to operate. Since then, Council has adopted Bylaw 2021.43 and Bylaw 2021.87 to Amend Bylaw 2020.11 - Being a Bylaw to license, regulate and govern Short-Term Rental Accommodation Uses

What is a Short-Term Rental Accommodat​​ion?

A Short-Term Rental Accommodation is a building or structure that operates or offers a place of temporary residence, lodging or occupancy by way of concession, permit, lease, licence, rental agreement or similar commercial arrangement for any period less than twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days, throughout all or any part of a calendar year.​​

What are the requirements?

The new Short-Term Rental Accommodation Bylaw 2020.11, sets out all the requirements to qualify for a licence. The following forms provide all the required information to applicants on what information, documents and forms must be supplied to the Township in addition to the annual licensing fee of $3,000.00. If you require further information or wish to review your eligibility for a licence, please email .


Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Application Form

Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) Waiting List Application Form


 If complaints are filed with the Responsible Person and no action is undertaken, please forward your complaint to the Township of Ramara at or fill out the online Report a Concern form. 


An appeal can be made for infractions or Administrative Monetary Penalties related to the following by-laws:

A request for an appeal must be submitted to the Township in person or by mail within 15 days after receipt of a penalty notice. The date on the notice is considered to be day one (1). If mailing in the request, please ensure it is received within the 15 day time frame. 

Learn about how to make an appeal and the Appeals Tribunal

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal in regulating STRAs is to protect the quality and character of existing residential neighbourhoods, create a level playing field for all STRA operators, enhance consumer protection, and ensure STRAs provide occupants with a safe and healthy dwelling space. 

What is defined as a short-term rental accommodation (STRA)?

Short-term rental accommodation is a building or structure that operates or offers a place of temporary residence, lodging or occupancy by way of concession, permit, lease, licence, rental agreement or similar commercial arrangement for any period less than twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days, throughout all or any part of a calendar year.

When am I required to obtain an STRA  licence?

An STRA licence is required for all residential property owners who rent or advertise their property for rent for 28 or fewer days. The licence costs an annual fee of $3000.00.  

What is required to obtain a licence?

STRA Operators are required to meet specific requirements to obtain a licence; operators who can’t meet the criteria will be denied a licence. STRA operators must meet the following requirements:

  1. All Buildings must be built in compliance with the Ontario Building Code;
  2. Property must not be 300 meters from any other STRA licenced location;
  3. Property must comply with the Ontario Planning Act and Township of Ramara Zoning Bylaw;
  4. The building must comply with the Ontario Fire Code & Fire Prevention and Protection Act;
  5. Septic System (if applicable) must be shown to be in proper working order, pass inspection (if required) by a licenced septic installer and be designed to process effluent and greywater based on the number of legal bedrooms within the dwelling and as required by the Ontario Building Code Act;
  6. Property Taxes and all township accounts must be in good standing, and no debts to the Township are permitted;
  7. Property, accessory buildings and primary dwellings are all subject to licensing, property standards, building code and fire code inspections, and
  8. Fire pits and outdoor burning containers must comply with the Township Open Air Burning Bylaw.

How are maximum occupancy rates defined, and what is the maximum occupancy?

Maximum Occupancy rates for STRA’s are based on the number of legal bedrooms under the Ontario Building Code and in accordance with all building permits issued for the property and an approved septic system (if applicable) that has been designed for the number of legal bedrooms;

  1. Two (2) bedroom home – Maximum Occupancy 4
  2. Three (3) bedroom home – Maximum Occupancy 6
  3. Four (4) bedroom home – Maximum Occupancy 8
  4. Five (5) or more bedroom home – Maximum Occupancy 8

The Township STRA Licensing bylaw restricts the maximum occupancy to eight (8) overnights guests. 

If my STRA is licenced, what rules do I have to abide by?

  1. Noise restrictions apply to all licenced STRA locations, regardless of their location in Ramara (Noise Bylaw regulations only apply to owner-occupied or rental properties located in Lagoon City & Bayshore Village.
  2. Occupancy restrictions of 8 or fewer overnight guests.
  3. STRA’s are inspected to ensure the safety of the guests and surrounding properties.
  4. Bylaw officers can issue fines for non-compliance with any licence requirements or conditions.
  5.  The Township can place conditions and restrictions on an STRA Licence.
  6. STRA licences can be suspended or revoked for non-compliance.
  7. Administrative Monetary Penalties can be issued for non-compliance and added to property taxes if not paid.
    1. First Offence - $1000.00
    2. Second Offence - $1500.00
    3. Third Offence - $2000.00
    4. Fourth and subsequent Offence - $2500.00
  8. Administrative Licence Application fine ($3000.00) if an unlicensed STRA applies for a licence after being found in non-compliance.

In addition to Administrative Monetary Penalties, the Township may issue fines (Part 1 Ticket) or initiate proceedings (summons to court) under the Provincial Offences Act. If a conviction is obtained, the fines are up to a maximum of 100,000.00 under the Ontario Municipal Act and subject to possible court orders prohibiting the use of the property as an STRA.

What is the benefit to having an STRA next door compared to nuisance neighbours?

The STRA Licensing Bylaw (Bylaw 2020.11) requirements permit the Township to inspect, review property use, and require all those properties used as STRA’s to be safe, in compliance with municipal bylaws and Provincial Statutes. It also provides inspection powers, enforcement tools and the ability to prevent short-term rental accommodations from causing a disturbance in a neighbourhood. For example, if a short-term rental accommodation is causing a nuisance and being loud, the noise restrictions come into place, and monetary penalties can be enforced. If your neighbour is causing a nuisance and being loud, only the locations in the noise bylaw (Lagoon City and Bayshore Village) would apply.  

The person next door to me rents their house for longer than 29 consecutive days at a time. Would their property be regulated under the STRA Licensing bylaw?

The above-noted rules, regulations and bylaw requirements in STRA Licensing Bylaw 2020.11 do not apply to rentals of 29 or more consecutive days. In addition, many of the enforcement powers afforded under the STRA Licensing Bylaw do not apply to owner-occupied properties, which are only regulated by standard municipal bylaws.  

Are fireworks allowed at the STRA licenced locations?

On July 28,2021, Council adopted Bylaw 2021.60 to amend Bylaw 2019.40.  The Bylaw states that fireworks are NOT permitted at any Short-Term Rental accommodation location. 


We want to hear from the residents in the community on how STRAs are running in the community and any suggestions or comments they want US to know about. Submit your comments on our forum in order to help improve our processes and communication. 

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Short-Term Rental Accommodation Waiting List Application 

On October 25, 2021, Bylaw 2021.87 was passed and amended STRA Licensing Bylaw 2020.11 to include a minimum setback between licenced STRA locations in the Township. Under the new setback requirements, a new licence to operate a short-term rental accommodation shall not be granted to a property owner/operator if the proposed STRA location is within 300 metres of a property currently holding an STRA license. 

The Township has created a Waiting List to determine the priority in which the Township shall issue new licenses if a license becomes available. If your proposed STRA location is within 300 metres of a currently licensed location, please complete the application below to be added to the waiting list. Names shall be added to the waiting list based on the date and time they are received and will determine the priority in which new licenses are issued. 

To determine if you're within 300 metres of a licenced location, please consult the following:

  • Current list of licensed locations (found below)
  • Township's STRA mapping (click 'Short-Term Rental Buffer' under Bylaw)
  • Contacting the Township at .


I am on the waiting list, what happens next?
Suppose a license becomes available for your location. In that case, the Township will contact you and provide you with fifteen (15) days to file a completed application along with payment of the licensing fee, failure to file the completed application within this time will result in your name being removed from the list and the next person contacted.
How do I determine if my proposed STRA location is within 300-metre of another STRA location?

To determine if you're within 300 metres of a licenced location, please consult the following:

  • Current list of licensed locations (found below)
  • Township's STRA mapping (click 'Short-Term Rental Buffer' under Bylaw)
  • Contacting the Township at .
I have determined I am not within 300 metres of another STRA location, can I apply for a STRA licence?
If you are an owner or operator of a proposed STRA location and are not located within 300 metres of a licensed STRA location, you are not required to apply for the waiting list, and you may complete a standard application for a license.

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Sign stating no fireworks in STRA locations

On July 28,2021, Council adopted Bylaw 2021.60 to amend Bylaw 2019.40 - A Bylaw to regulate the use of all types of Fireworks.  The Bylaw states that fireworks are NOT permitted at any Short-Term Rental accommodation location.

Short-Term Rental Accommodation Licensed Locations

In accordance with the Short-term Rental Accommodations Bylaw 2020.11, the location of all licensed short-term rental accommodations in the Township shall be posted on the Township website and include the contact information for the Responsible Person appointed by the operator tasked with the management and response to complaints at the property  Responsible person appointed under the bylaw are available 24/7 to be contacted by tenants, residents and the general public who have a concern or complaint about the use of the property. The appointed person must respond to the licensed location within one (1) hour of being contacted by e-mail or phone. 

Map of Locations 

NOTE: When accessing the map, please click 'Short-Term Rental Accommodation' under the Business and Development tab.

Short Term Rental Accommodation Licensed Locations

#Municipal AddressLicence NumberMaximum OccupancyResponsible PersonContact Information
1 5556 Fawn Bay Road 2023.045 8 Occupants Jim Linn

705-325-3294 (H)

705-321-0029 (C) 

2 27 Southview Drive 2023.041 8 Occupants Frank Garcia


3  2925 Suntrac Drive 2023.048   8 Occupants  Brad Corran


4 3700 Portage Bay Road 2023.059 8 Occupants Jason Piotrowski


5 7446 East River Rd. 2023.049 6 Occupants Peter Krolewski



6 7696 South River Road 2023.074 6 Occupant John Vettor


7  43 Ridge Avenue  2023.063  6 Occupants  Oleg Dolgii


8  4701 Anderson Avenue  2023.062  4 Occupants  Shahin Sepehipoor


9 6568 Quarry Point Road 2024.022 8 Occupants

Arvinder Gaya


10 4453 Orkney Beach Road  2023.095  8 Occupants

 Hamid Komati


11 5442 Fawn Bay Road 2023.047 8 Occupants

Ryan McNutt


12 63 Turtle Path 2023.089 8 Occupants

Assunta Hrynkiw



13  2392 Concession Road F&G 2023.055  8 Occupants

 Wesley Toth


14 3617 Southwood Beach Boulevard 2023.083 6 Occupants

Mehdi Madani


15 111 Creighton Street 2023.080 6 Occupants

Dwayne Clugson


16 1280 Black Beach Lane 2023.092 8 Occupants

John Bilenkis


17 7874 Pineridge Road 2023.084 6 Occupants

Samantha Knight


18 74 Turtle Path  2023.028  8 Occupants

Gazi Belayet Hossain 


19 2367 Lakeshore Dr. 2023.061 8 Occupants

Sukhdev Singh Flora


20 1119 Concession Road 12 2023.040 6 Occupants

Marco Ormonde


21 7430 Islandview Street 2023.043 6 Occupants

Kerri Fogarty


22 6533 Pioneer Village Lane 2023.060
 6 Occupants  Munezah Safeer


23 1249 Ramara Road 47 2023.070 4 Occupants

Seyed Behnam Madanipour


24 7846 Birch Drive 2023.076 6 Occupants Daniel Semenzato


25 4188 Glencoe Beach Road 2023.046

8 Occupants

Donald Young


26 7811 Oakridge Drive 2024.013

8 Occupants

Christine Glenn



27 6312 Bluebird Street 2023.042

6 Occupants

Cassandra Obidzinski



28 5 Ridge Avenue 2023.014

8 Occupants

Maria Zielenski


29 5552 Rama Road 2023.050

6 Occupants

Larry Radzio


30 4185 Orkney Beach Road 2024.005

6 Occupants

Severn/Muskoka Cottage Rentals


31  1044 Sylvan Glen Drive  2024.016

 6 Occupants

 Richard Siewierski


32 7318 Glen Ellen Drive 2023.053

8 Occupants

Rizwan Rabbani


33 82 Laguna Parkway 2023.056

8 Occupants

Nicholas Maillet


34 3662 Glenrest Drive 2023.066

8 Occupants

Daniel Johnson


 35  3274 Amilia Drive 2023.073  8 Occupants  Aaron Little


36 66 Turtle Path 2023.077 8 Occupants Reza Mortazavi


37  1D Old Indian Trail 2023.079  6 Occupants  Ryan Alves


38  7261 Davy Drive
 2023.071 8 Occupants   Shelby Marchant



39 3470 Amilia Drive 2023.068



Rachel Gillespie


40 1299 Furniss Drive 2023.082 

8 Occupants 

Mark Mohammadian


41  7349 Davy Drive  2023.088

 2 Occupants

 Lisa Foy


42 6232 Bluebird Street 2023.090



Marjam Mehajer



43 4109 Bonnie Beach Road  2023.094

8 Occupants

Sina Daneshi 


44  1303 Ramara Road 47  2023.044

 6 Occupants

 Mary Ludes


45  16 Thicketwood Place  2024.006  8 Occupants  Ali Vahedi

  416-558-9468 / 416-558-9468 








 Amber Ruttan









 Keyi Zhang


48 2770 Lone Birch Trail  2023.081 6 Occupants  Teresa Tso


49  2300 Lakeshore Drive  2024.001  6 Occupants  Ryan Nagarajan


50 4787 Byers Lane  2024.004 8 Occupants James Mymryk


51 77 Lake Ave. 2024.007 4 Occupants Elefteri Ratchev 


52 1680 Lakeshore Drive  2024.010  6 Occupants  Eugene Mirkin


53 7194 Beach Dr. 2024.008 8 Occupants Dayaa Al Zoubi


54 6067 Concession Road B/C  2024.014 8 Occupants   Hiten Goswami


55 6148 Bluebird St. 2023-052 6 Occupants Janise Peters


56 6014 Mariposa Beach Rd. 2024.025 6 Occupants Razi Shafiq



82 Bayshore




Brian Labonte


58 4283 Plum Point Road 2023.058



Catherine Ross






60 7150 Beach Drive 2023.086

6 Occupants

Ligaya Byrch


61 2573 Lakeshore Drive 2023.069

8 Occupants

Paula Dourado


62 5794 Victoria Park Road 2023.057

8 Occupants

Margaret Gucciardi


63 6605 Pioneer Village Lane 2023.067

4 Occupants

Joey Sipos


64 8098 Laidlaw Avenue 2023.072

6 Occupants

Rod Johnson


65  4785 Cedar Point Lane  2024.002

 6 Occupants

 Anders Hagman










68 79 Simcoe Road

8 Occupants

Alireza Mohseni

647-773-3622 / 647-406-6485 

69 7648 Oak Point Road 2024.011

8 Occupants

Robert Fawcett

416-831-6373 / 416-347-7132 

70 1166 Black Beach Lane 2024.003

4 Occupants

Robert & Heather Charlton


71 1948 Lakeshore Drive 2024.009

6 Occupants

Michael Sherkin


72 1114 Ramara Road 47 2024.012

6 Occupants

Jenny Kim






74 4906 Highway 12 2022.086

8 Occupants

Athir Gorgis






76 4509 Fern Resort Road 2024.015

6 Occupants

Rekha Kochappu


77 4232 Airport Rd 2024.018

6 Occupants

Shari Fraser

705-739-9727 / 705-321-4397 

78 1215 Ramara Road 47 2024.019

8 Occupants

Maya Singh


79 2719 Lone Birch Trail 2024.017

6 Occupants

Janne Jarcan


80 16 Willow Crescent 2023.004

6 Occupants

Vanessa Yeremian


81 22 Turtle Path 2024.023

8 Occupants

Olga Mishchenko






83 20 South Island Trail 2024.024

8 Occupants

Gazi B. Hossain






85 8038 Oakridge Drive 2023.036

6 Occupants

Anderson dos Santos Ferreira/

Tess - Ticiany Ferreira 



86 4113 Bayview Avenue 2023-039

6 Occupants

John Vettor 


87 4150 Glen Cedar Drive 2023-078

4 Occupants

Dimitri Papoutsis