To place, dump or remove fill within our Township, you must follow the regulations that our outlined within our Fill Bylaw. You will need to submit permit application to our offices prior to the start of any work. 


  1. The use or expansion of a waste management system or disposal site
  2. The construction of under section 26 of the Transportation and Highway Improvement Act
  3. Soil for gardens and landscaping, as long as the following is not required
    1. No more than 30 centimeters of soil is placed on the land
    2. The elevation of land is not changed within 1 meter of the property line
    3. There is no change in any natural watercourses, drainage, ditches or swales
    4. Materials added meets or exceeds the parameters of PART XV.1 of the Environmental Act
  • The placing and dumping of fill to return to the existing grade and elevation when removing a structure, that has received a demolition permit
    1. The alteration of an aggregate site of a licensed pit or quarry as per the Aggregate Resources Act
    2. The alteration of land to lawfully establish a pit or quarry
      1. That is not licensed under the Aggregate Resources Act
      2. And has a quarry or pit as a permitted land use under Section 34 of the Planning Act
  • The alteration of a site in accordance with the Drainage Act or Tile Drainage Act
    1. Activities of the Township, County of Simcoe, Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority, the Provincial Government or Federal Government
    2. The alteration of a site that has been approved under Section 41, 51, or 53 of the Planning Act
    3. The alteration of a site for a transmission or distribution system, as defined in Section 2 of the Electricity Act
    4. The alteration of a site for flood erosion control, that has received approval from a Conservation Authority
    5. The removal of soil as part of normal farm practices as per the Farming and Food Protection Act
    6. The replacement of soil for the restoration of agricultural lands as per the Farming and Food Protection Act but does not exceed 20 centimeters annually and the storage shall not exceed 1,000 cubic meters.
    7. The alteration of a site that does not require a permit by a Conservation Authority, as per Section 28 of the Conservation Act
    8. The alteration of a site that has a valid building permit and has received site plan approval
    9. Construction of an on-site sewage system

Permit Requirements