The Ramara Industrial Park is where we encourage industrial development within Ramara. It is located in Brechin, Ontario, southeast of the intersection of Highway 12 and County Rd 47. Municipal water and sewer will serve the lots created within the Ramara Industrial Park, as well as a three-stage plan for hydro. You will have the ability to purchase and create a custom lot to suit your needs, at the price of $88,500 per acre, with a minimum of a 1-acre purchase.

Available Lands

There is no available land within the Ramara Industrial Park, as the remaining 27 acres has a conditional offer pending. We are still answering questions and creating a list of interested parties, if the conditional offer is not completed. Please contact us [link to contacts: Eric Brathwaite] for more information.

Permitted Land Uses

The designation of the Ramara Industrial Park is Village, in our Official Plan, and Village Industrial exception two, in our Zoning Bylaw. All uses within the Industrial Park will be subject to our Site Plan Control Bylaw.

Development Charges

Within the Ramara Industrial Park, developers will only be responsible for paying the applicable educational development charges. We have decided, along with the County of Simcoe, to waive our respective development charges, to promote industrial development within Ramara.

Tax Rates

Please discuss our tax rates with our Tax Inquiry Clerk.

Water/Sewer Rates

Please discuss our water and sewer rates with our Resource Technician.