The Township of Ramara accepts and reviews suggestions for road names from the public.  Road name suggestions can be submitted in the form below and will be sent to Council for consideration. Road names that are supported by Council resolution will remain on a list of pooled roads names which may be used for road naming initiatives in the future. 

You are encouraged to use the form below to submit your road name suggestions for consideration.  The form provides an opportunity for justification and area of preference within the submission.

Please review the guidelines before completing the form. Any supplementary information that cannot be included within the form should be submitted by email to the Planning Department.  

 Guiding Principles

The criteria for the selection of street names by Staff for presentation to Council:

  1. Duplicate names or names too similar will not be considered to prevent confusion for emergency and municipal services (i.e. Sylvan Glen Road, Sylvan Beach Road)
  2. The proposed street names must not contain any symbols (such as #, &, - , etc.).
  3. There shall be no use of awkward, corrupt, discriminatory or derogatory names, in regard to race, gender, colour, creed, political affiliation or other social factors
  4. The owner, developer or applicant shall give consideration to names of locally important families, war veterans, local heroes or historical places or events of significance

Street Naming Conventions will be reviewed by staff for Council consideration.  The Street Naming and Renaming Policy and Guidelines outlines the requirements for these conventions.

 Submit your Suggestion