Driveway entrance permits are required if you are constructing, repairing, relocating and/or altering your driveway that is on a Township road allowance. Applications can be submitted online

Depending on the road you live on, you may need to get an entrance permit for a county road through the County of Simcoe or an entrance permit for provincial highways through the Ministry of Transportation

Application Process

  1. Owners need to complete the application which includes staking the location of the entrance and paying the inspection fees.  Fees can be paid online, by mail or at the Township Administration Building. (Fees and Charges are outlined on the application)
  2. The Township will check that the location is acceptable, and determine the size of culvert (if needed) and relay the information back to the owner.
  3. The owner is to provide the contractor information, proof of liability insurance and WSIB, a traffic protection plan and will then schedule an inspection during the culvert installation.
  4. The Township will inspect during installation (any additional inspections if required will incur additional fees).
  5. The Township will complete a final inspection and will notify the owner of approval, or any alterations that are required.

Entrances are regulated by Bylaw No 2017.43. This bylaw also includes the installation of headwalls.

Please note that any person who contravenes Bylaw 2017.43 is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine or penalty.

Complete Application