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Building / Planning / Bylaw Enforcement

Planning Department

The Planning Department provides guidance for the development of the municipality, assisting you with the development and use of your property, and ensuring proposals meet the required setbacks and permitted uses. The Planning Department interprets and answers questions relating to the Zoning Bylaw, Official Plan and Site Plan Control Bylaw, and provides support to the Committee of Adjustment. The Planning Department accepts and reviews applications relating to:

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  •                 Site Plan Approval
  •         Minor Variances and Consent
  •         Zoning Bylaw Amendments and Official Plan Amendments
  •         Renewable Energy Projects

We can provide information specific to your property regarding permitted uses and setbacks, aerial views, measurements and surveys (if on file)

Explain how the Zoning Bylaw applies to you and your property

Provide contact information for other applicable agencies (such as MNR, LSRCA, MTO, etc.)

Building Department

The Building Department’s responsibility is to enforce the Ontario Building Code. The Ontario Building Code is a minimum standard for construction to protect the occupants of a building. The Ontario Building Code is regularly updated to reflect changes in technology and the needs of society. Click here for the most current Ontario Building Code.

When do you need a building permit?

  •        New buildings (including accessory buildings over 10 square metres)
  •        Additions to existing buildings
  •        Repairs, renovations, and alterations of existing buildings
  •        Prefabricated and relocation of buildings
  •        Various structures (decks, sheds, retaining walls, towers, etc.)
  •        Installation of plumbing, drains, sewers and sewage systems
  •        Installation of solar panels
  •        Demolition
  •        Change of use of buildings or structures


Inspector and Building 

To book an inspection please call 705-484-5374 extension 266. Please be advised inspections require a minimum 48 hours notice.


Bylaw Enforcement

There is a specific process for dealing with complaints/allegations of bylaw violations:

Ramara Township will act on written complaints from the general public concerning alleged bylaw violations.  Staff will offer assistance and direction with respect to bylaw concerns, however no investigation will be initiated until the complaint is received in writing.

Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will conduct an investigation to determine the validity of the complaint and the nature of the infraction relative to our existing bylaws.  You will be advised accordingly whether or not the complaint is valid or alternatively refer you to another government agency to assist you.

If it is determined that the complaint is valid the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will contact the party and outline the bylaw infraction and request that the matter be rectified and/or cease to exist.  In some cases the municipality will provide a grace period to conform to the bylaw which is followed by a subsequent inspection.

If the matter is rectified, the investigation will be closed.  If the bylaw infraction continues proper paperwork must be completed.